Biomass Energy Engineering


Biomass Energy Engineering is specialized in developing technological solutions for the conversion of biomass and waste into electricity, heat, chemicals and transportation fuels. For more innovative processes such as gasification, torrefaction and pyrolysis we provide technical advice about how to set up R&D plants on lab, pilot and demo scale. For more conventional technologies (e.g. combustion), our technical advice is mostly related to commercial scale technology development.

Biomass Energy Engineering provides the following services:

R&D support

One of the first steps in developing new technology for the thermal conversion of biomass is the construction of a lab scale or pilot scale installation. Biomass Energy Engineering has ample experience in designing R&D installations. Moreover, we provide assistance with translating process ideas into a design for a test installation, which provides relevant results for the further scaling up of the processes.

Support Engineering Installations

Biomass Energy Engineering has developed several calculation tools for the process design of biomass and waste installations, including the mass and energy balance of integrated systems. We have in-depth knowledge about combustion, gasification, torrefaction and pyrolysis processes. 

Furthermore, we offer support for the engineering processes of an installation through the following activities:

  • Mass and Energy balances

  • Support mechanical design

  • Technical input for safety evaluations (e.g. Hazop)

  • Definition of the control and safety strategy

Commissioning of installations

Putting biomass (test) installations into operation for the first time is often challenging. Biomass Energy Engineering specializes in starting up gasification and pyrolysis installations. Thanks to our thorough and structured approach, potential technical problems can be identified at an early stage, so we are able to work towards the smoothest possible commissioning of the installation.

Troubleshooting and optimization

The performance of many biomass installations is often suboptimal, which may have a negative effect on efficiency levels. Biomass Energy Engineering has extensive experience in solving technical problems, which increases the availability of the installation and the efficiency level.


For the development of innovative thermal conversion processes, a wide variety of subsidy schemes are available, which could increase the financial feasibility of sustainable energy generation from biomass sources. Biomass Energy Engineering has extensive experience in submitting a successful application for such subsidies (such as Horizon 2020, and RVO) and setting up the associated research program.

Quick scan sustainable heat production from biomass

The Dutch government stimulates the sustainable production of heat and electricity through the SDE + scheme. This subsidy makes it financially attractive for companies to produce renewable energy from biomass. In those cases, the energy costs can be reduced and the CO2 targets can be achieved more easily. Biomass Energy Engineering can perform a Quick scan by mapping the renewable energy production solutions for your company. From a heat demand of approximately 2 MW or a natural gas consumption of more than 1 million m3 / year, the installation of a biomass boiler is financially attractive. We can also take care of the entire project development process, from subsidy application to operating and managing the biomass boiler, together with our partners.

Technical advice regarding contract guarantees

Defining guarantees with regard to performance, emissions and availability is essential to ensure a properly functioning installation. Properly defining these guarantees is challenging when using biomass or waste. Biomass Energy Engineering has extensive experience in coordinating and clearly documenting the various relevant guarantees, which leads to transparent result agreements with suppliers.

Technical advice on safety, environment and emissions

When commissioning biomass gasification installations (and pyrolysis installations), safety and emissions risks (water / air) can play a greater role when compared to conventional combustion technology. Biomass Energy Engineering provides technical advice on these aspects to prevent costly errors, such as non-compliance with emission requirements. Potential dangerous situations can be prevented by a thorough and robust technical analysis.

Technical Due Diligence

The development of innovative technologies in the field of biomass gasification or pyrolysis is often associated with major technical risks. Biomass Energy Engineering maps these risks in advance and provides independent advice on selected technology. 

Some examples of previous technical assessments in this area are:

  • Biomass gasification technology for the production of biofuels for a financial investor.
  • Pyrolysis of plastic-rich waste streams on behalf of an end user.