Biomass Energy Engineering

Where Knowledge Counts

Biomass Energy Engineering was established in 2013 by dr. ing. Christiaan van der Meijden. He has 30 years of experience with development, commissioning and troubleshooting of thermal biomass and waste conversion installations such as gasifiers, pyrolysis installations and combustion plants.

Biomass Energy Engineering supports research institutes and innovative companies with their Research & Development projects. For example, Biomass Energy Engineering has assisted ECN, TNO, Alucha, Dahlman Renewable Technology / Synova, Microgen, Premier Green Energy, HVC, BWSC,Mavitec Green Energy  and TBM Europe.

Biomass Energy Engineering provides the following services:

Technical consultancy Bio-Energy

Technical advice about how to produce renewable energy from biomass residues such as waste wood, sewage sludge and agricultural residues.

Thermal conversion

Technical advice about how to develop thermal conversion processes such as combustion, gasification, torrefaction and pyrolyses for the production of heat and electricity.

Technology for Bio-Fuels production

Technical advice about how to develop technology for the production of biofuels (Fischer Tropsch liquids, methanol, DME, CNG and LNG).

Dr. Christiaan van der Meijden has more than 25 years of experience in the thermal conversion of biomass, waste and coal. He started his career in 1994 as a commissioning engineer at Stork Ketels and two years later made the switch to energy research institute ECN.

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